Hifi Guru's 30th Anniversary and Open Doors

By Keijo Tanskanen




Hifi Guru Oy celebrated their 30th anniversary at 10-11.9.2016 and arranged an open doors event as well, naturally. I have been a customer of Guru almost from the very beginning of their career and also seen their significance for Finnish high-end and audio enthusiasm. No doubt, they have been -- and still are -- one of the most important importers, dealers and actors in this very challenging field. Also, Hifi Guru have been faithful in their strategy. Only carefully selected brands match to their requirements. Though, personally I disagree some of their brand decisions. However, there is still Magico, Mangneplanar and Audio Physic speakers, Transparent cables, Burmester equipment and Clearaudio vinyl stuff available. This is honorable, isn't it!

The demoed setup consisted of brand new Magico S1 mk II speakers, Bel Canto electronics, Clearaudio vinyl player and Transparent and Burmester cables. All these were carefully selected and set up, as usual. The other setup on the side wall was not listenable during our visit.



Although I spent most of the time in the kitchen with my colleagues, I managed to have plenty of listening as well. Actually, one was able to hear the clear and high quality sound into the kitchen already!

The music reaproduction of the setup had almost a full similarity to the sound of more expensive Magico setups which I have heard at Hifi Guru and TL Audio. One can even claim that S1 mk II might deliver more homogenous listening results than its' bigger brothers! Was this actually a truth or not is debatable, of course, but the listening results were very impressive given to the size of the speaker.

What surprised me and many others was how well this relatively small speaker filled the big listening room by excellent sound. There was absolutely not any feelings of small or restricted presentation when normal listening volumes were used. Naturally, the setup was at its' best in smaller scale music reproduction, like chamber music, but honestly it could handle very well more extensive and dynamic music as well.

The old truth is, that one simply cannot achieve stomach shaking bass, very high dynamics and ear shearing loudness with small two way speakers. This is not what I'm trying to change. However, with Magico S1 mk II and Bel Canto electronics, one can achieve fully enjoyable, stunningly homogenous and very highly transparent listening results and still have an unpredictably dimensional sonic picture as an extra!


Magico S1 mk II seemed to be a pure high-end product which delivers real goodies for its' high price, not a surprise. Of course, one can have bigger and more punchy sound for the same price, but can one have all the goodies which Magico S1 mk II offers as well? I strongly doubt that. Also, Bel Canto front end with the selected Transparent and Burmester cabling was a very good match for the speakers. So, the listening results were memorable once again and suited promptly for the celebration of Hifi Guru Oy. Congratulations!